(Ag-ESD Symposium 2009)
 〜Promotion of Ag-ESD for the Development of a Sustainable Future〜

Period:      November 9 (Mon.) - 12 (Thu.), 2009
Venue:      UNIVERSITY OF TSUKUBA(Daigakukaikan Special Conference Room)
Organizer:   Agricultural and Forestry Research Center,UT
           Japan National Commission for UNESCO
Co-organizer: International Cooperative Education Program for Creation of a Harmonious
           Asian Community
           Ibaraki University College of Agriculture
           JICA Tsukuba International Centre(TBIC)
Theme:      Food Safety and Food Security in Agricultural
Language:   English
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■Participant wanted:
 Expert keynote and guest speakers including young researchers will be invited from UNESCO, and Asian and African Universities.
 Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to participate by submitting a high quality, original poster on a subject related to “Food Safety and Food Security”. Posters must be in English.
 Posters will be judged by the invited participants and awards for the best poster will be presented.
 Please submit a 500 word abstract describing your proposed poster presentation by September 30, 2009 to the organizing committee of AgESD Symposium 2009(agesd@nourin.tsukuba.ac.jp).
 Attendance is free but funding is not available to support travel or expenses of general participants.
 Contact the organizing committee at agesd@nourin.tsukuba.ac.jp.

Nov.10(Tue) 9:30〜17:00 【Special Conference Room】
 Visit Agricultural and Forestry Research Center(AFRC)
 International Cooperative Education Program for Creation of a Harmonious Asian Community
 Keynote Address
   「The Role of Academic in Risk-based National Food Safety Programs for Developing Countries」
   Dr. Ma.Concepcion C. LIZADA ― University of the Philippines, Diliman(フィリピン大学ディリマン校)
 Invited Lectures 1.
  1. 「The Role of Universities in Food Security and Safety: Perspectives based on the Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education」
   Dr. Jeffreyson K. MUTIMBA ― University of Malawi, Bunda College of Agriculture(マラウィ大学ブンダ農学部)
  2.「Nigerian Universities and Agriculture: Their Roles for the Development of Agriculture for Sustainable Food Security」
   Dr. Bartholomew N. OKOLO ― University of Nigeria(ナイジェリア大学)

Nov.11(Wed) 9:30〜16:00 【Special Conference Room】
 Invited Lectures 2.
  1. 「Re-orientation of Higher Agricultural Education, Research and Extension Systems for 21st Century」
   Dr. Tejindrajit K. Gill ― Punjab Agricultural University(インド・パンジャブ農科大学)
  2. 「Current Status of Food Safety and Food Security in Thailand "Thai's Kitchen to the World"」
   Dr. Savaporn SUPAPHOL ― Kasetsart Universuty(タイ・カセサート大学)
  3. 「Challenges in Enhancing Food Security in the Context of Climate Change and the Role of Higher Educational Institutions
     in the Philippines」
   Dr. Ma. Victoria O. Espaldon ― University of the Philippines, Los Baños(フィリピン大学ロスバニオス校)
 Invited Lectures 3.
  1. 「Food and Nutrition Security Situation in Indonesia and Its Implication for the Development of Food,
     Agriculture and Nutrition Education in Bogor Agricultural University」
   Dr. Drajat MARTIANTO ― Bogor Agricultural University(インドネシア・ボゴール農科大学)
  2. 「Proper Treatment of Agricultural Wastes Focusing on Nitorogen Circulation」
   Dr. Yoshiro HIGANO ― University of Tsukuba(筑波大学)
  3. 「Shift from High-yielding to High-palatability and Quality in Japan Rice Production−Characters of high-palatability and quality rice−」
   Dr. Youji NITTA ― Ibaraki University(茨城大学)
  4. 「Enhancing the Practice and Depth of Ag-ESD through Knowledge of Comprehensive Programs at Sakado High School
     −An Example from Indonesia−」
   Mr. Katsuyoshi ISHII(Senior High School at Sakado 附属坂戸高校) and
    Dr. Morio KATO(Agricultural and Forestry Research Center 農林技術センター) ― University of Tsukuba(筑波大学)

Nov.12(Wed) 9:30〜16:05
 [AM]   【Lounge at 30th Anniversary Hall】
  Poster Presentation ポスターセッション
 [PM]   【Special Conference Room】
  Presentation of Best Poster Award ベストポスター賞発表

  Young Researcher’s Forum 若手研究者フォーラム
  1. 「The Role of Research and Development for Food Safety and Security in Thailand」
   Ms. Supannikar Sribuathong, Kasetsart University(タイ・カセサート大学)
  2. 「Food Safety and Security for Sustainable Development in Agriculture in the Philippines: The Role of Seeds」
   Ms. Maria Fatima O. Mercado, University of the Philippines, Los Baños(フィリピン大学ロスバニオス校)
  3. 「Nutrient Adequacy Level and Stunting Prevalence of Children at Tea Plantation Areas in Indonesia」
   Ms. Katrin Roosita, Bogor Agricultural University(インドネシア・ボゴール農科大学)
  4. 「Population Dynamics, and Genetic Analysis of the Critically Endangered Tamaraw ( Bubalus mindorensis)」
   Mr. Shinya Ishihara, University of Tsukuba(筑波大学)
  5. 「Understanding Climate Change, a Key to Food Security and Agricultural Sustainability:
     A Case Study of Selected Areas in the Philippines」
   Mr. Adornado Henry Astoveza, Ibaraki University(茨城大学)
  6. 「Comprehensive Watershed Management Policies in the Dian Chi Lake in Yun Nan Province
     with Focus on Non-Point Source Pollution」
   Ms. Hong Li, University of Tsukuba(筑波大学)
  7. 「Comprehensive Evaluation of Effective Biomass Resource Utilization in Rural Areas around Beijing: Case Study of Miyun Country」
   Ms. Jing J. Yan, University of Tsukuba(筑波大学)

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