Agricultural and Forestry Research Center

AFRC agreement with the University of Tsukuba affiliated hospital to supply agricultural products for patient meals.
@The Agriculture and Forestry Research Center and affiliated hospital of the University of Tsukuba entered into an agreement in which the AFRC provides agricultural products for hospital patient meals in a ceremony on May 8th at the 3rd special meeting room of the university hospital. The agreement was signed by the head of the AFRC Haruyuki Mochida and the head of the university hospital ???? Yamaguchi in the presence of numerous persons connected with the two facilities.
@As a service to patients and contribution to the local community the AFRC and university hospital have collaborated in selling vegetables, fruits, potted plants (flowering plants) and other agricultural products twice a month from a pavilion in the Selpi Garden of the hospital since August 2007. These activities have met with favorable reception from patients and their families.
@This agreement has been achieved because of reciprocal efforts during numerous meetings.
@As a result of this agreement, the AFRC has established a fixed market for sale of its agricultural products and the hospital is able to prepare patient meals from products that are safer and grown with minimal amounts of agricultural chemicals, thus improving services to their patients.

@Professor Mochida and Professor Yamaguchi signing the agreement.
@@Head of AFRC Professor Mochida and head of the university hospital Professor Yamaguchi exchanging the agreement.

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